What We Do

Resource Generation

We work with partners to identify and access resources that support sustainable innovation. 

Strategy Development

We engage in deep political education about people and place and provide strategy support that is culturally appropriate, responsible and regenerative. 

Data Science

We are experts in scoping and curating data that is historical and emergent. We provide data visualization and data cultural interpretation services that will responsibly inform, impact and help scale the work of our partners. 

Economic Development

We are experts in economic equity, economic justice and economic development that builds power of communities to self determine sustainable innovation. 

Relationship Building

We believe that building trust, transformative justice as the pathway to conflict resolution and principled struggle are the bedrocks of responsible relationship building. We are committed to centering health, wellness and healing as critical outcomes of our relationship building strategy. With that as our framing, we help identify and bring together partners that are regenerative and essential to sustainable innovation.

Capacity Building

We are experts in building capacity of individuals and communities to become responsible, regenerative and ethical stewards of sustainable innovation.