Our Processes

We engage in deep political education, immersive learning, unlearning and professional development to be responsible experts and supports to our partners and collaborators.

We intentionally listen to our partners to develop a responsible understanding of change they deserve. We believe that people and places are sacred and experts of their economic conditions. We, therefore, develop an analysis of change and power by being fully informed of the truths and legacies of the communities we support. We are committed to principled struggle with our partners to nurture sustainable innovation.

We will use participatory research processes to evaluate ourselves, evaluate the strategic plans we develop, the programmatic structures we design, and the processes we engage in with the communities. We believe in moving at the speed of trust, value alignment and accountability.

The Center for Ideas, Equity, and Transformative Change has data science, leadership development, policy, cultural strategy, narrative change and community centered economic development expertise. We visualize, and culturally interpret data for our partners to access resources. The Center believes in being accountable to the self-determination and cultural assertions of our grassroots communities and we believe in grounding and upholding the truths and legacies of peoples and places in how we responsibly support the imagining and build ingof power through narrative work, arts, culture and media work. We believe in practicing economic justice and ethics in knowledge and cultural production. We honor community wisdom through just compensation and by equitable crediting all wisdom givers as knowledge producers in our productions.